Since 1976, Acadia Construction has been providing services to a number of clients in a variety of service sectors throughout Saskatchewan. Throughout this period we have developed a strong working relationship with many long term clients.

Built by People Who Enjoy Building

Our success is a result of the enthusiasm of our people. Our focus is to facilitate the building process to find its most efficient path to completion. We select team members who are well suited to your specific project needs.


We value our client relationships. 

We make a conscious choice to invest in relationships with our building partners and focus on performance on our projects. 

Acadia Group of Companies works proactively to:

  • Develop a strong and efficient working relationship
  • Tailor individual project requirements to suit your preferences
  • React to your needs quickly
  • Fully understand your needs and desired outcomes
  • Ensure you are integrated into the building process


Our cost reporting methods are detailed, concise, and provide a transparent reporting structure for cost tracking. We utilize accounting software from Sage, a trusted name in construction for decades. The software is designed for construction. We focus on efficiently utilizing the project budget to spend less on soft costs thereby maximizing the dollars put into your project.


Neat things happen when you bring a bunch of builders, engineers, and tradesmen under one roof. People talk, people share. Ideas are cultivated and solutions are found. 

Acadia Group of Companies provides a broad spectrum of services offering:

  • Engineering
  • Earthwork
  • Paving
  • Municipal and Industrial Infrastructure
  • Construction Management (General Contracting, Industrial, Commercial, Institutional)


We operate on the basis of integrity and professionalism. Open dialogue is fostered from the most junior levels to the most senior within our company. This translates into similar interactions with our building partners, whether it be a supplier, client, or consultant.

We are proud to have a key role in the development of sustainable infrastructure with you.